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Accept touch/fingerprint or face request received on the app

Touch/fingerprint ID requests are supported on iOS and Android devices; face ID requests are supported on iOS devices only.

  • Biometric fingerprint and face (iOS only) recognition require SecureAuth Identity Platform release 19.07 or later, using the 2019 theme.

  • If end users' mobile phones are set up for face or fingerprint recognition before enrollment, the features will work automatically with the SecureAuth Authenticate app after enrollment.

  • If end users want to use face or fingerprint recognition after enrollment, but did not turn on the features before enrollment, they must turn on face or fingerprint recognition on their mobile device, then set up the SecureAuth Authenticate app again.

  • End users who already use the Authenticate app and want to add the ability to accept biometric push notifications to use face (iOS) or fingerprint recognition must first reconnect the account for their mobile device.

Fingerprint recognition

  1. Tap Use Touch ID (iOS) or Use Fingerprint (Android) on the Touch ID Request (iOS) or Fingerprint Request (Android) screen.

    iOS and Android Fingerprint Request screens:

  2. Touch the touch (iOS) or fingerprint (Android) sensor on your device to log in.

    iOS and Android Fingerprint Sensor screens:


Facial recognition (iOS only)

  1. Tap Use Face ID on the Face ID Request screen.

  2. If you have paired an Apple Watch to your mobile device, you will receive a Biometric Request on the watch. Click OK.

  3. Tap Use Face ID and use the camera on your iPhone to log in.