Assign privileges to a group

You can assign privileges to a group. Users who are members of a group can get group privileges to manage certain actions within the identity store.

For example, you have several managers overseeing all the concession workers. The managers are in the ConcessionManagers group. The concession workers are in the ConcessionWorkers group. In the ConcessionManagers group, add the Group ConcessionWorkers dynamic privilege.

  1. Open the SecureAuth Identity Store in any of the following ways:

    • Get a URL link from your administrator to the Identity Store UI.

    • In the SecureAuth Identity Platform, on the left side of the page, click Identity Store.

  2. In the Identity Store, on the left side of the page, click Groups.

  3. From the list, select a group to edit.

  4. Select the Privileges tab.

  5. Click Add Privileges.

  6. Set the length of time for the privilege in the group to Never expire or set the expiration date and time.

    For example, you could give ongoing privileges for a group of managers to manage concession workers. And if a manager leaves the organization, you could simply deactivate the manager's user identity and it removes them from group assignments and privileges.

  7. From the list, select the privileges you want to give the group.

  8. Click Add privilege.