Before you begin

We want you to have a smooth experience using the SecureAuth® Identity Store API; the following are some important facts to understand before getting started.


  • SecureAuth® Identity Platform release 21.04 or later

    SecureAuth Identity Store is a separately licensed product that requires SecureAuth Identity Platform.

  • Obtain API credentials (client ID and client secret)

    You must be added to the appropriate identity store and have at least developer privilege to obtain API credentials from the user interface (UI). If you do not have the appropriate privileges, request them from your admin.


  • JSON-based RESTful API

  • HTTP response codes and verbs

  • Token-based authentication

  • OAuth2 for access control

  • System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM 2.0) methods

  • Postman collections and environment


The information in these topics assumes that you:

  • Understand the basics of RESTful APIs and how they work

  • Are running the SecureAuth® Identity Platform release 21.04+ and SecureAuth Identity Store release 21.04+

    The SecureAuth Identity Store supports multiple identity stores; keep this in mind as certain API requests require you to add an identity store ID.

  • Decide whether to work in the Postman environment or work in your own development environment

    You have a choice to use the SecureAuth Identity Store API Postman environment to make changes to your identity store or make changes to your identity store by using the API in your own development environment. This document uses Postman-style syntax, for example, using double curly braces {{}} for variables.