Quick start: top Identity Store UI tasks

This topic is a quick guide to some common tasks you can do in the SecureAuth Identity Store user interface (UI).

Add groups

Add some groups so you can organize a set of user identities into groups.

For example, your organization is hiring seasonal workers for the holiday season and you want organize the cashiers into a group like CashiersHoliday.

See Add a group.

Add users

Add multiple user identities to an identity store.

For example, your organization hired seasonal workers for the holiday season and you need to add their user identities to the identity store, Employees.

See Add multiple users or Add a user.

Add users to a group

You've have some groups set up, and added user identities to the identity store. Now, you need to organize them into groups.

For example, you've hired some seasonal workers and you need organize all the user identities for cashiers into the CashiersHoliday group.

See Add users to a group.

Assign user privileges

You can assign privileges directly to a user or a group.

For example, you have several managers overseeing the seasonal workers. The managers are all in the ConcessionManagers group. They need permissions to manage user identities for the cashiers in the CashiersHoliday group. In the ConcessionManagers group, add the Group CashiersHoliday dynamic privilege.

To learn more about privileges, see SecureAuth Identity Store definitions.

See Assign privileges to a single user or Assign privileges to a group.

Change user status

There are some reasons for changing a user status, such as:

  • User is going on a leave of absence and their status needs to change from Active to Suspended.

  • User is leaving the company and their status needs to change from Active to Deactivated.

  • User forgot their password and requested a password reset.

For example, a cashier forgets their password to log in to the computer kiosk. As a manager with the correct privileges, you can process the Reset Password action for the cashier.

See Change user status.