Temporary and seasonal workforce

Temporary and seasonal non-core workers join organizations for specific periods of time. They might provide phone support during open enrollment for healthcare benefits, or help during holiday season. These non-core workers would need minimal access to some of the following applications:

  • Timekeeping system

  • Healthcare members database

  • Healthcare enrollment software

  • Point of sale systems (cash registers, kiosks)

Temporary and seasonal non-core workers aren't eligible for the same benefits as permanent employees, like 401k and vacation pay, all the things that an identity governance solution maintains. The SecureAuth Identity Store offers a privacy-enhanced, lightweight ability for non-IT personnel to manage your temporary and seasonal workers with a centralized policy overlay that provides easy onboarding and offboarding.

Workflow example

Use the SecureAuth Identity Store UI or API to manage temporary and seasonal workers, while driving efficiency and value for your organization.

Add workforce user identities

Add temporary and seasonal workforce user identities to control access to applications and resources.

Example: You have group of 500 holiday season cashiers and need to manage their user identities and access to applications. Do a bulk upload of the user identities to the identity store.

Hire workers

Hire temporary and seasonal workforce and grant access to necessary applications only for a set amount of time.

Example: Workers in the CashiersHoliday group are hired for a three-month period, ending January 15.

Group membership for workers

Set employment ending date and revoke access to applications for workers in the group.

Example: When you add user identities to the CashiersHoliday group, set their group membership to expire on January 15 at 10 p.m. All access to applications for workers automatically expire on January 15 at 10 p.m.

Manage workers

A manager who is a permanent employee, must have access to the identity store in case they need to adjust the temporary worker's employment. They might need to end the worker's employment early or extend it.

Example: Add the manager to the CashiersHoliday group and set the manager's group membership to "Never expire". Assign the Group CashiersHoliday dynamic privilege to the manager; this allows them to manage user identities in the CashiersHoliday group.


Each time you create a new group, it automatically creates a dynamic privilege in this name format: Group <name of group> dynamic privilege.

For example, the CashiersHoliday group has a dynamic privilege named: Group CashiersHoliday dynamic privilege.

Creating a group for managers is a more efficient way to manage user identities. But, for only one manager to look after a group, it makes sense to add the manager with dynamic privileges to the group.