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Generate TOTP

This topic describes how to generate a time-based one-time passcode (TOTP). Complete this step if you want end users to use TOTP. If you are using the SecureAuth® Identity Platform MFA methods push-to-accept, symbol-to-accept, or biometric, see "Receive push notification" and "Reply to push notification." The following items apply to generating TOTPs:

  • To support the TOTP option from the Identity Platform, your app needs to generate TOTP and display the results.

  • End users must enroll their device by using a QR code or URL before using this option.

  • SecureAuth uses standard, OATH TOTP-compliant 2FA.

In this workflow, end users with enrolled devices attempt to access a secure resource. Their app will generate a TOTP whether or not they have internet connection. This is a good option when end users might not be connected to the internet when they need to authenticate.

The following code sets up this feature.

val accounts = accountStore.getAllAccounts
// This generates a TOTP based on account parameters
// You can also create your own token object
val period = 60
val length = 8
val newToken = Token(seed, period, length)
// This generates a TOTP based on
val currentTOTP = newToken.generatePasscode()
// Or provide a time in milliseconds
val fixedTOTP = newToken.generatePasscode(1617199886952)