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SDK characteristics

The following sections describe important characteristics about the SecureAuth Mobile SDK.

Mobile SDK library

The Mobile SDK is a library that enables developers to connect to the SecureAuth Identity Platform to interact with a variety of multi-factor methods, such as two-factor authentication and offline authentication.

Developers work in an easy-to-use, standards-based SDK that distributes the functionality the organization requires and the seamless experience for MFA delivery in your branded app that end users are familiar with.

Mobile service

The SecureAuth Mobile Service is a cloud service that sits between your client app and the Identity Platform, fostering communication between them.

The mobile service provides enrollment and device update capabilities.

Mobile license service and OAuth server

The new mobile license service and OAuth server provide support for OAuth 2.0 Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE). The mobile license service safely provides information about the appliance while storing model information. The OAuth server was implemented to enable secure enrollment through PKCE.