SecureAuth API Documents

The API documents listed on the left side under "API Documents" were written or updated specifically for the SecureAuth® Identity Platform version 19.07 and later.

The following API documents were written for SecureAuth IdP versions 9.1-9.2 and continue to work for the Identity Platform version 19.07 and later.

Both lists are in alphabetical order.

Adaptive Authentication API Endpoints

Adaptive Authentication Realm Settings Endpoints

API Realm Settings Endpoints

Behavioral Biometrics Authentication API Guide

Create Realm and List Realm Settings Endpoints

Data Realm Settings Endpoints

IP Evaluation API Guide

Logs Realm Settings Endpoint

Multi-Factor Authentication Realm Settings Endpoint

Multi-Factor Throttling Authentication API Guide

Overview Realm Settings Endpoints

Post Authentication Realm Settings Endpoint

Workflow Realm Settings Endpoint

You can also view a list of API documents for SecureAuth IdP 9.1-9.2 and later in the Admin Guide "API Tab Configuration" organization.