Use cases

Learn about the use cases and scenarios that would meet your organizational needs for a SecureAuth Identity Store.

Temporary and seasonal workforce

Your organization hires temporary or seasonal workers during healthcare open enrollment or the holiday season. These end users need access to benefit applications (healthcare benefits that contain PII), or log in access to cash registers and kiosks.

Non-corporate workforce

Your organization experiences high employee turnover and constant administrative updates of user identities. Or, you have a workforce with limited access to applications; they log in once or twice per year to enroll or change benefits. These workforce user identities are excellent candidates for SecureAuth Identity Store as an alternative without costly additions to your enterprise data store. You can delegate management of user identities to permanent employees, such as supervisors and managers.


Your organization accommodates consumers; thus the challenge with changing life cycle management. How do you generate, store, and manage these consumer user identities? You could have user identities spread across different identity stores. With the Identity Platform integration, you can save time and frustration by consolidating all user identities to a user authentication policy.

You might support some or all the use cases, managing groups and privileges for each. Groups do not expire, but you can set the user membership in a group to end on a specific date, or to never expire.

The following table can help you visualize the different needs of each group.




(Seasonal employees)


(Temporary employees)


(Transitional employees)



Group membership ending date:

January 15

May 6

Never expire

October 30


Timesheets, kiosk, cash registers

Timesheets, Tax software application 1, Tax software application 2, Tax software application 3, timesheets

Timesheets, benefits

Premium movies, books, videos


Assign privileges to maintain:

  • User

  • Group CashiersHoliday dynamic privilege

Assign privileges to maintain:

  • User

  • Group TaxAccountants dynamic privilege

Assign privileges to maintain:

  • User

  • Group Maintenance dynamic privilege

Assign privileges to maintain:

  • User

  • Group Trial30 dynamic privilege