This article provides a list of changes on the SecureAuth IdP Web Admin.  Its primary focus is to outline the differences between last version and this version.  New Web Admin additions are being covered individually in the Integration Guide of the features.

What's Changed
General UI Enhancement
Change Highlights
  1. New Local Admin
  2. Added Expand / Collapse feature across the board
  3. Hyperlinked Realm Title to take you directly to the Overview tab

User Interface - Overview
Change Highlights
  1. Renamed from User Interface tab to Overview.
  2. Re-arranged the sections in the Overview page to be more logical.
  3. Moved the SMTP section from Registration Method tab to Overview tab.
  4. Started the initiative of providing description to each setting.

Verbiage Editor Enhancement
Change Highlights
  1. Converted Supported Languages from a manual text box entry to a radio button list.
  2. Removed the Compile button and combined that execution into Save.

Workflow Enhancements
Change Highlights
  1. Changed Authentication Mode options from Valid Cert to Valid Persistent Token.
  2. Changed toggle title from Validate Cert to Validate Persistent Token.
  3. Changed toggle title from Renew Cert to Renew Persistent Token.

Post Authentication Enhancements

Change Highlights

  1. Added grouping for Post Auth drop-down.
  2. Re-arranged Post Auth options to be sorted alphabetically within group.

What's New

Please review the Integration Guides attached to the SecureAuth Release Notes ( for new additions to Web Admin.