Use this feature to import large amounts of data at once. The first row of the .csv file contains the column headers and is fully customizable to include any or all of the profile fields you want to use.

Once the .csv file is imported, the color scheme indicates if the attribute is valid.

Blue or Green: validRed: invalid

If one or more columns is flagged in red, check that the nomenclature for that Profile Field is spelled correctly and has the correct capitalization.

To Import Bulk Users Using a .CSV File
  1. On the Post Authentication tab, select Use Custom Redirect for Authenticated User Redirect.

  2. For Redirect To, enter Authorized/CSVImport.aspx.
  3. Click Save in the left panel.
  4. Log into the system using a public computer.
  5. Click Choose File and navigate to the appropriate .csv file.

    Example of .csv file
  6. Click Import.

    When the import is valid, the number of files updated and/or created displays. 
    In the image below, no new users were created. Only four existing users were updated.