Cloud Access Documentation

SecureAuth's Cloud Access provides an easy-to-deploy, highly available cloud-based identity service that improves security without burdening users, reduces administrative overhead by delivering out-of-the-box, secure single sign-on (SSO) to over 8,000 SaaS applications, and integrates with existing directories to simplify administration.

By enabling Multi-Factor Authentication, end-users' identities can be verified before gaining access into Cloud Access and the associated applications in a user-friendly workflow, utilizing mobile app time-based passcodes, Push Notifications (one-time passcodes), telephony passcodes, and SMS / text passcodes.

With a variety of applications from which to choose, including user personal apps (Facebook, Banking, etc.), Cloud Access provides a secure and convenient, centralized and comprehensive SSO experience for users with visibility and control needed by IT and security staff without consuming large maintenance hours.

Cloud Access Basics

An introduction to Cloud Access administrative and end-user basic features and functionalities, including account updates, SSO expansion, dashboard customization, and organization creation.


The various administrative capabilities available in Cloud Access and with applications, including multi-factor authentication enablement, user management, account provisioning, reporting, application maintenance, and access restrictions.

Directory Integrations

Directories with which Cloud Access can integrate to streamline administrative maintenance of user accounts. Choose to utilize the Cloud Access internal directory, or connect the product with existing, on-premises data stores, such as Active Directory, LDAP, JumpCloud, and others.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure workflow options, including multi-factor authentication requirements, multi-factor method enablement, and multi-factor user enrollment.

Application Integrations

Specific configuration guides to enable secure SAML assertions to thousands of cloud-based applications.

Cloud Access APIs

Coming soon!

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