Visual Identity Suite is an identity governance and administration (IGA) solution that helps administrators, managers, and users with visual layouts of user, role, and entitlement association. This SaaS application is designed to help ensure the right people have access to the right things, at the right time – in a visually appealing layout and graphical matrix display. 

Intended audience

Administrators should use this guide to configure the application. 

Once user entitlements data is uploaded and user data is configured, then users with specific permissions can access the Role Designer and Certify dashboards to manage user roles, entitlements, and certifications.



At least one of the following:

  • Superuser NGGAdmin account with email link to login credentials
  • User account with NGGAdmin role permissions

Supported browsers 

The Visual Identity Suite application is supported on the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer


About role permissions

To access administrative functions, perform certification reviews, and design roles in Visual Identity Suite, role permissions must be assigned to users in the Entitlement Mapping .csv upload. You will need to determine which users in your organization will have access to the following roles:

  • Admin –  Allows administrative access to log in and set up user credentials
  • Role Designer – Allows access to the Role Designer dashboard functions; design roles, export roles and mapping data
  • Certify – Allows access to the Certify dashboard; add new certifications, perform certification reviews, and generate reports

For more information about setting up user entitlements and uploading this data into the system, see the Set up user entitlements section.


Admin dashboard 

The Admin dashboard is enabled only for users defined with NGGAdmin role permissions.  Optionally, to further define user permissions in your organization, you can upload .csv files for user details, entitlement details, role details, and role mapping data.

The templates are available for download to ensure your user data is in the correct format for upload. 


Administrative access to Visual Identity Suite 

First time user access to the Visual Identity Suite application requires a superuser with NGGAdmin permissions. An invitation email from SecureAuth Customer Support is sent to the superuser with a link to log in to the SecureAuth Customer portal and be granted access to Visual Identity Suite. 

The NGGAdmin superuser must upload user entitlements data (templates are provided) and set up roles and login credentials for Admin, Certify, and Role Designer.  


Set up user entitlements 

To establish credentials for other users, it is required to upload the user entitlement mapping data into the application. To ensure that your data is in the correct format, templates are provided. 

1. Log in to Visual Identity Suite. 

2. From the left pane, click the Admin view, then the Import tab.  

3. In the Entitlement Mapping section, click Download Template

4. Enter the user entitlement mapping data in the provided Excel spreadsheet and save the file locally. 

Caution: Duplicate characters such as quotation marks ("") in the .csv file can cause upload failures. To confirm that data is correctly displayed, open and review the .csv file in Notepad. 

Entitlement mapping data consists of the following types of data: 

    • user_id – account username
    • account_id – (optional) if left blank, the this value defaults to the user_id
    • entitlement_id – some type of access to a resource your organization, for example, development, SharePoint, VPN, wifi access
    • target_id – system where user account information is stored, for example, Active Directory 

5. Click Upload and browse to the local folder where the Entitlement Mapping data is saved, then click Open

Note: Data in the application is available permanently until an updated file is uploaded. To delete data from the application, upload a blank file.

The status indicator displays a successful upload when finished.

6. To further define the user permissions in your organization you can download the following types of templates: 

  • User Details – Includes detailed data associated with the user, such as name, email, manager ID, department ID, job title ID, location, and user permissions for Visual Identity Suite. Use the following valid values when defining ngg_role_id user permissions:
    • Administrative access – use NGGAdmin
    • Role Designer access – use RoleDesigner
    • Certify access – use CertifyAdmin

Note: Take note of organizational staff updates (for example, promotions) when uploading data multiple times, including the addition and deletion of roles in the ngg_role_id column.

  • Entitlement Details – Includes detailed data about entitlement ID, target ID, entitlement name, entitlement description, and target description.

  • Role Details – Includes detailed data about role ID, role description, entitlement ID, and target ID.

  • Role Mapping – Includes information about user IDs assigned to role IDs. 

7. For each template that is downloaded, populate it with data and then Upload it. 


Next steps

When user data is uploaded and configured the application, the Certify and Role Designer dashboards are enabled for users who are granted or assigned permissions to access. 

For more information about defining roles and certifying user permissions, see the documentation for Visual Identity Suite - Role Designer and Visual Identity Suite - Certify


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