The Certify dashboard and matrix views in Visual Identity Suite allow users with CertifyAdmin permissions to manage certification approvals for users in your organization.  

Intended audience

Users with CertifyAdmin permissions should use this guide to manage and approve certifications to which they are assigned. 



  • User account with CertifyAdmin role permissions

  • User account to which certification reviews are assigned

  • Entitlement mapping .csv file uploaded

Supported browsers 

The Visual Identity Suite application is supported on the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Internet Explorer


Certify dashboard

On the Certify dashboard, certifications are granted through an easy-to-use graphic matrix display of each user entitlement, including nested and hidden entitlements. Access to the Certify dashboard requires a user account with CertifyAdmin permissions or a user account to which certification reviews are assigned. 

The initial dashboard view displays your certification review status – indicating how many reviews have been completed, how many reviews are at risk, and how many active reviews require your attention. 

When an active review is selected in the left pane, a matrix view displays. Selecting a name, entitlement, or square on the matrix displays more details about the certification in the Details list below the matrix.

 Tip: To select more than one row, column, or matrix square use CTRL+click for multiple selections or SHIFT+click for a continuous range.


Manage certification reviews 

On the Certify dashboard, from the Manage tab, you can add certification reviews, including scheduling review dates and setting up email reminders. The only edit you can make to an existing certification review is to modify the review end date. 

Access to the Certify dashboard > Manage tab requires a user account with CertifyAdmin permissions.

Steps to add a new certification review cycle

1. Log in to Visual Identity Suite. 

2. From the left pane, click the Certify view, then the Manage tab.

3. Click Create a New Certification.

4. Expand Step 1 - Select Certification Type and set the following: 

a. Certification Review Cycle Name – descriptive name of review cycle

b. Certification Type – choose one of the certification types: 

    • User to Entitlements
    • User to Roles
    • Roles to Entitlements
    • User to Managers

c. Review By – choose who is responsible for reviewing and making certification decisions

d. Enable Delegation for Reviewer – to enable delegation of a certification review to another reviewer, select this check box

5. Expand Step 2 - Search for and select Resources and choose one of the following options:

  • To include all available database entries for this certification review cycle, toggle the Select All Data button to the right in the ON position (displays in green color). 

  • To build queries for reviewing specific users, entitlements, targets and so on, toggle the Select All Data button to the left in the OFF position (displays in gray color).

You can then build a set of queries specific to User or Entitlement data and preview the results of your query. 

Note: The query data is case-sensitive; for example, "WIFI-ALL-SCS" must be typed in all caps instead of "wifi-all-scs". If you are not getting the desired results, verify that your query data is entered correctly.

The query uses live data, and is applied when new data is uploaded. Use the Results tab to view the results of your current query. 

6. Expand Step 3 - Admin Delegation (Optional) to indicate to whom a certification review can be delegated: 

a. In the search box, type the case-sensitive username of a reviewer

b. Select the name of the reviewer.

c. Click Delegate Selected

d. Search and select the name of another reviewer to whom this can be delegated and click Delegate

7. Expand Step 4 - Configure Notifications to set the number of days for each interval before the end of the review cycle to which the reviewer is to receive email reminders.  

8. Expand Step 5 - Schedule Review Dates & Priority to configure scheduling and priority options:

a. Choose whether to Start Now or Schedule for Later.

b. Set the review Priority to High, Medium, or Low.

c. To schedule the review at a later date, set the Start Date and End Date.

d. To start the review now, set the End Date.

9. Click Create

The newly created certification review cycle displays on the dashboard. 

Steps to update a certification review ending date

1. Log in to Visual Identity Suite. 

2. From the left pane, click the Certify view, then the Manage tab.

3. Expand the Active panel and select the certification you want to update.

4. Expand Step 5 - Schedule Review Dates & Priority and update the End Date.

5. Click Update.

The Certification dashboard displays the updated review cycle.


Making certification decisions 

From the Certify tab, you can make decisions whether to approve or deny user access to a resource in your organization. You can also make decisions to signify that the decision needs to be researched or delegated to  someone else.

To make certification decisions, you must be assigned as a reviewer; you can only view certification decisions to which you are assigned.

Steps to make a certification decision

1. Log in to Visual Identity Suite. 

2. From the left pane, click the Certify view, then the Certify tab.

The dashboard displays the current status of reviews assigned to you. 

3. Expand the Active panel. 

4. Select the certification review record you to want to review and certify. 

Note: The search box is case-sensitive; for example, "Quarter4" must be typed as is instead of "quarter4". If you are not getting the desired results, verify that your search text is entered correctly.

5. To filter your matrix view by departments, job titles, managers, or target directories, click Categories

To choose more than one item in each category panel, hold down CTRL while selecting multiple items. 

6. On the decision matrix, zoom in as needed, select the user name (row), entitlement (column), or a single colored matrix square to review and make entitlement decisions.

Tip: To select more than one row, column, or matrix square, press CTRL+click for multiple selections or SHIFT+click for a continuous range.

7. For each decision, whether it is by name row, entitlement column, or single colored matrix square, choose from the following options:

  • Approve (Green) – indicates entitlement approval
  • Deny (Red) – indicates denial of entitlement 
  • Research (Purple) – indicates that no decision is made and more research is needed
  • Delegate – this option displays only when you are assigned as a delegator; the colored squares disappear from the current matrix and appears in the matrix of the person who needs to review it
  • Reset – reverts back to original layout

If you need to quit before completing all your assigned certifications, your certification decisions are retained. When you log in again, you can pick up where you left off. Once you have completed your certification decisions, the certification review displays in the Complete panel. 

8. To view any outstanding certification decisions, you can toggle the Decision button to the left in the OFF position (displays in gray color).

9. To review completed certification records expand the Complete panel. 

Note: Completed certification records display in the Complete panel after the review due date, regardless of whether certification decisions are completed before the review due date.



You can download reports showing the current status of reviews for active and completed certifications before and after the review end date. 

There are two types of certification data reports for download: 

  • Completion – shows the results of completed decisions made for a selected certification review 
  • Activity – shows the results of current activities for a selected certification review

Steps to generate a report

1. From the left pane, click the Certify view, then the Reports tab.

2. Expand the Active or Complete panel. 

3. Select a certification review record to which you want to generate a report.  

4. Select either of the two report options:

  • Click Download Completion Report button generate a completion report. 

  • Click Download Activity Report to generate an activity report.


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