SecureAuth® Identity Platform was created for organizations that want or need a cloud or hybrid solution and extends SecureAuth's previous cloud and hybrid features.

The SecureAuth Identity Platform documentation was redesigned to be modular and to progressively disclose information as administrators need it. Use the following categories to access goal-directed topics:

  • Getting Started

Learn about SecureAuth Identity Platform, the architecture, cloud and hybrid getting started admin workflows, and how to prepare end users for two-factor authentication log in with downloadable templates for your use. Existing customers can read about changes that occurred between the previous and current releases.

  • Release Notes

Read about new features, and resolved and known issues.

  • Data Store Management

Get the steps to add a data store, install and connect the SecureAuth Connector, view a summary of data store integration settings and mapped properties, and edit the data store integration.

  • Global MFA Management

Learn about and enable the multi-factor authentication methods that determine which factors end users can use during authentication, such as email, PIN, security questions, YubiKey, and more.

  • Authentication Policies

Modify the default policy or add and configure a new policy to impact the log in experience for a given set of applications.  

  • Application Integrations

Use the Application Manager to choose from a library of over 500 application templates to integrate applications for single sign-on access for end users.

  • Administration

Expand the Administration menu to find administrative guides such as APIs and other configuration guides.