Applies to Identity Platform version 19.07 or later

This topic details how data store profile properties are stored in on-premises, hybrid, and cloud SecureAuth® Identity Platform deployments. 

For on-prem and hybrid deployments, all profile properties in use must be mapped and stored in your on-prem data store.  

For cloud deployments, some profile properties in use must be mapped and stored in your on-prem data store while user profile data generated and used by SecureAuth are stored in the SecureAuth cloud database. Using a cloud deployment requires the installation of an on-prem SecureAuth Connector to communicate with your on-prem data store.

Extended attributes are supported only in legacy and on-premises Identity Platform deployments. If you want to migrate to the Identity Platform in the cloud, you will need to use out-of-the-box profile properties. 

The following table details how data store profile properties are stored for the Identity Platform.  

Profile propertyExample of field attribute

Cloud deployment

Where profile property is stored

On-prem / hybrid deployment

Where profile property is stored

GroupsGroupList | memberOfOn-premOn-prem
First NameFirstName | givenNameOn-premOn-prem
Last NameLastName | snOn-premOn-prem
Phone 1 (Work)Phone1 | telephoneNumber On-premOn-prem
Phone 2 (Mobile)Phone2 | mobileOn-premOn-prem
Phone 3 (Alternate)Phone3On-premOn-prem
Phone 4 (Alternate)Phone4On-premOn-prem
Email 1Email1 | mailOn-premOn-prem
Email 2Email2On-premOn-prem
Email 3Email3On-premOn-prem
Email 4Email4On-premOn-prem
Aux ID 1 to Aux ID 10AuxID1 to AuxID10On-premOn-prem
Access HistoriesAccessHistoryCloudOn-prem
Behavioral BiometricsBehaveBioCloudOn-prem
Cert Reset DateCertResetDateCloudOn-prem
Cert Serial NumberCertSerialNumberCloudOn-prem
Certificate CountCertCountCloudOn-prem
Certificate ExpirationCertExpirationCloudOn-prem
Cookie Revocation KeysCookieKeysCloudOn-prem
Device Profiles | FingerprintsDigitalFPCloudOn-prem
Google Sync Password DateExtSyncPwdDateCloudOn-prem
Hardware TokenHardwareTokenCloudOn-prem
iOS DevicesiOSDevicesCloudOn-prem
KB Questions (KBQ)auxCommentCloudOn-prem
KB Answers (KBA)auxCommentAnsCloudOn-prem
Mobile CountMobileCountCloudOn-prem
Mobile Reset DateMobileResetDateCloudOn-prem
OATH TokenOATHTokenCloudOn-prem
One Time OATH ListOneTimeOATHListCloudOn-prem
Push Notification TokensPINTokenCloudOn-prem
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