SecureAuth IdP Mobile Integrations

SecureAuth IdP supports the BYOD and mobile trends with 2-Factor Authentication for iOS and Android native, mobile applications; and enables provisioning and certificate delivery and synchronization from appliances to individual mobile devices to alleviate user friction and burdening login procedures.

Configuration Guides

Native Mobile App Integration Guide – enable the integration of and the appropriate redirection to iOS, Android, and Windows RT native mobile applications, using 2-Factor Authentication and SSO

Mobile App Store Configuration Guide – create an app store for corporate iOS and Android mobile applications for quick and easy download access

iOS Exchange Provision Configuration – provision mobile devices to synchronize Microsoft Exchange credentials from desktops

iOS G Suite Provision Configuration Guide – provision mobile devices to synchronize Google Apps credentials from desktops

Juniper Pulse iOS Provisioning Integration Guide – provision mobile devices to synchronize certificate information from Juniper Pulse

SecureAuth Mobile Apps – view SecureAuth's mobile apps, including 2-Factor Authentication soft tokens