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SecureAuth IdP & F5 Networks

F5 Networks provides efficient and scalable solutions to enable a unified platform for all corporate applications and resources. While F5 secures the applications, what secures F5 access? That's where SecureAuth IdP comes into play.

F5's Access Policy Manager (APM) provides customers centralized control over those who access the company's network or cloud resources. SecureAuth IdP can integrate with F5 products using SAML, RADIUS authentication, and certificate-based authentication. Because SecureAuth IdP is so versatile in its authentication and assertion abilities, it can easily and safely deliver users to the device to then gain entry into other resources.

When using SAML integrations, SecureAuth IdP authenticates the user and then asserts them with a signed SAML assertion and certificate to gain entry into F5. F5 accepts the user based its established trust with SecureAuth IdP (through configuration).

For certificate-based authentication scenarios, SecureAuth IdP enables easy certificate enrollment that does not require any manual or tedious labor for the customer. The user can securely enroll for a certificate before attempting access to F5, or F5 can redirect users to SecureAuth IdP if a valid certificate is not present at login. Once the certificate is acquired, users can access F5 and its protected resources based on its established trust with SecureAuth IdP (through certificates).

SecureAuth IdP can also act as a RADIUS Server, authenticating users via the RADIUS protocol to securely enable access to a RADIUS Client (F5, for example).