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		<table class="grid" width="100%" cellpadding="20" cellspacing="10">
			<tr colspan="3" class="light-grid-box">
				<td width="30%"><a href="">Service Announcements & Vulnerabilities</a></td>
				<td width="30%"><a href="">Errors / Known Issues</a></td>
				<td width="30%"><a href="">Hotfixes</a></td>
			<tr colspan="3" class="light-grid-box">					
				<td width="30%"><a href="">Workarounds</a></td>
				<td width="30%"><a href="">Troubleshooting</a></td>
				<td width="30%"><a href="">How To's<br>(specific use case configs)</a></td>
			<tr colspan="3" class="light-grid-box">
				<td width="30%"><a href="">Best Practices</a></td>
				<td width="30%"><a href="">FAQs</a></td>
				<td width="30%">&nbsp;</><a href="">SecureAuth Compatibility Guide</a></td>									
<p>For more assistance, refer to the <a href="">SecureAuth Operating and Troubleshooting Guide</a>, or <a href="">SecureAuth's Support Portal Documentation</a>.</p>