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See Login for Windows or Login for Mac documentation for information about the products which replace the SecureAuth Credential Provider product in SecureAuth IdP v9.2:


Use the SecureAuth IdP Credential Provider to protect Windows Desktops and Servers with an additional Multi-Factor Authentication module.

Companies and organizations use the SecureAuth IdP Credential Provider to enhance typical Windows Logon functions by adding a Multi-Factor Authentication requirement to the username and password validation.

SecureAuth IdP Credential Provider supports usage of the following features:

  • OATH OTP Multi-Factor Authentication method provided by a SecureAuth mobile, desktop, or browser app, or a third-party hardware token
  • online and offline mode
  • Logon and Unlock Windows functions
  • 2-Factor Bypass List of user groups (e.g. Admins) permitted to log on without providing the second factor (OTP)
  • Multi-user Mode for terminal server / RDSH – which defaults the user ID field to blank rather than another user's information – to ensure security for multiple users logging on the same machine
  • SecureAuth Self-service Password Reset which lets users securely update their password information
  • additional credential provider which lets users employ two distinct login methods (such as via smart cards and SecureAuth's Multi-Factor Authentication)

With this latest version of the SecureAuth Credential Provider, all transactions are further secured by username, password, and OTP validation via SecureAuth's Cloud Services and Windows IWA. The configuration can also be altered to remove the OTP requirement in order to enable Self-service Password Reset for Windows login credentials (see the Optional Configuration section below for more information).

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For SecureAuth IdP appliances 8.0.0 - 9.0.1, the ProfileWS Hotfix must be installed on the SecureAuth IdP appliance to use Credential Provider v2.8.5, after upgrading to / installing CP v2.8.5

Refer to the SecureAuth IdP ProfileWS Hotfix 170412 for installation steps and other necessary information

For SecureAuth IdP appliances 9.0.2+, the hotfix is not required, but see the 9.0.2 Configurations Steps section in the Prerequisites below for possible requirements