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IDNew features and enhancements
---IdP Realms and RADIUS Clients can now be disabled / enabled
RAD-13Standardized authentication workflow names for consistency with IdP naming conventions
RAD-44Additional logging is now available for Adaptive Authentication steps
RAD-58Text hints now appear on the IdP Realm page
RAD-91Toggle now available on RADIUS clients page to enter either a NAS-IP or client IP address
RAD-107Single page workflow added for Username, Second Factor, Password
RAD-110Wild cards now supported when defining RADIUS client IP values
RAD-143One or more backup IdP hosts can now be specified for failover functionality
RAD-147PIN + TOTP end-user workflow added
RAD-172New workflow added for entering OTP as first option, and Password as challenge
RAD-209MS-CHAPv2 support added for Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway and Cisco ASA
RAD-211NetMotion integration supported
RAD-228TLS 1.2 support added for NetMotion VPN with Mobility clients on version 11.02+
RAD-234Custom API header now accommodates millisecond-precision dates
IDBug fixes
RAD-215Custom API header with millisecond-precision dates now works with SecureAuth IdP version 9.2
IDKnown issues

Invalid characters in user IDs sent to the RADIUS server cause a RADIUS server failure.

Workaround: Ensure that user IDs contain the following valid characters only:

  • A - z
  • 0 - 9
  • . (dot), - (minus sign), @ (domain), and _ (underscore)

Next step...

Install SecureAuth IdP RADIUS server v2.4