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When running the RADIUS client with the Pulse Secure client and 2FA options, Pulse Secure limits the maximum number of characters to 210. End-users can see all options in the Pulse Secure web client when the number of characters is less than 210.

A second Pulse Secure limitation causes options 5 - 8 to be cut off from end-users' view on the 2FA list. End-users can select options 5 - 8, even though they are off-screen and there is no scrollbar.

Optionally, modify text in the RADIUS configuration file to shorten messages from the multi-factors message. See "Modify text showing on client user interface during login" in Configuration guide - v2.5 - SecureAuth IdP RADIUS server.


Invalid characters in user IDs sent to the RADIUS server cause a RADIUS server failure.

Workaround: Ensure that user IDs contain the following valid characters only:

  • A - z
  • 0 - 9
  • . (dot), - (minus sign), @ (domain), and _ (underscore)