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UI Expand
titleVersion 2.5 - Release Date: April 16, 2019

New features and enhancements

Version: 2.5
Compatibility: SecureAuth IdP versions 9.0 - 9.3


A warning is displayed when an installation of an older version of RADIUS is attempted while a newer version is installed.

RAD-150End-users' phone numbers and email addresses displayed in authentication applications are hidden consistently with asterisks.
RAD-218TOTP and HOTP with YubiKey as second factor is supported in RADIUS version 2.5.1.
RAD-237RADIUS client user interface and documentation were refreshed with the latest brand logo and color.
RAD-238SecureAuth RADIUS supports Windows Server 2016.

Resolved issues

RAD-179SonicWall NetExtender created a hotfix to resolve a RADIUS client problem with 2FA methods. All 2FA methods are available.


Editing and saving a disabled realm no longer enables the realm.
RAD-204The Static Value field is empty by default in the Radius RADIUS Client tab, in the Static Value Mapping section.
RAD-206The Static Value field allows up to 247 characters in the Radius RADIUS Client tab, in the Static Value Mapping section.
RAD-208Uppercase letters are allowed in the Static Value field, in the Radius RADIUS Client tab, in the Static Value Mapping section.
RAD-212Clicking the context-sensitive help (small i) over a disabled client setting shows information for disabled clients in the Radius RADIUS Client tab.
RAD-249Numerous minor bug fixes were completed.

When creating a RADIUS client and clicking the Add Attribute button, the client is no longer saved when the Add Client button is not selected.

RAD-253RADIUS client attribute values are restricted to the supported RADIUS protocol length of 253 bytes.

Known issues


When running the RADIUS client with the Pulse Secure client and 2FA options, Pulse Secure limits the maximum number of characters to 210. End-users can see all options in the Pulse Secure web client when the number of characters is less than 210.

A second Pulse Secure limitation causes options 5 - 8 to be cut off from end-users' view on the 2FA list. End-users can select options 5 - 8, even though they are off-screen and there is no scrollbar.

Optionally, modify text in the RADIUS configuration file to shorten messages from the multi-factors message. See "Modify text showing on client user interface during login" in Configuration guide - v2.5 - SecureAuth IdP RADIUS server.