SecureAuth has identified a recent Microsoft .NET security patch that may impact SecureAuth IdP.  View full information about this alert on our support portal.

Last modifed on Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Errors and Known Issues include common errors received by SecureAuth customers, and what to do about them; as well as SecureAuth IdP known issues that may or may not include a workaround and / or Hotfix.

Refer to SecureAuth Workarounds and SecureAuth Hotfixes to see if the issue has additional information.

Knowledge Base Articles
SecureAuth Error Codes
User Profile Error in ASPNETDB, ODBC and SQL Server Data Stores
Error: 'checkPrivate' is undefined
Transaction Log Service Errors
System error following account name change
SecureAuth Error 3
SAML 2.0 SP Init "System Error: We are unable to continue at this time. Please close your browser and try again."
Server Error in /SecureAuth998 Application
Resolving "503 Service Unavailable" Error
Resolution for LDAP - Access Denied error message
SecureAuth error registering the user's computer
Validation of viewstate MAC failed error message
Resolve the Box Windows client embedded browser error
System error from uncommitted user account changes
User Self Service Account Update display error in SecureAuth v7.3.1
SecureAuth IdP Appliance issue: network connectivity lost in VMware Environment
Application Log Warning for Event 1309
Error: LDAPProfileProvider.SetPropertyValues...Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list
Error Generating Metadata File
Error 407 during certificate re-enrollment
HTTP 417 error with Squid Proxies
Juniper VPN error with Letter "S" on the Browser
0-Certificate Request Error
0-Certificate Request Error Received After Domain Migration
Application Log Warning for Event 1530
Cisco AnyConnect and Windows 8 Pro Error "Failed to load preferences"
Data at the root level invalid error on iOS mobile realm
Cisco AnyConnect error: "The VPN client was unable to setup IP filtering. A VPN connection will not be established"
Desktop SSO use case: "maxQueryStringLength" error
Error: The date/time on your computer is inaccurate. Please check and adjust the date/time before proceeding.
Error received: "Shared secret set does not match"
Error received when attempting to log on to the SecureAuth appliance with a domain account
Error when attempting to log in using default WebAdmin credentials
Invalid hexadecimal string format error received during Log Service Test
Junos Pulse standalone desktop client receives SAML authentication error
Keyset does not exist error
Password not changed error using Multi Data Store (web service) workflow
New Realm Creation Filename: redirection.config Error
Page not found error in post authentication upon creation of new realm
Portal Links - IE Page Cannot Be Displayed Error
Private Key Corruption - SecureAuth Error Code 0 error cleanup
LDAP Communication Lost to Active Directory Domain Controller
ASP.NET Browser Definition Files Issues in .NET Framework 4.0
Java Security Warning: Allow access to the following application from this web site?
SecureAuth IdP Appliance Shows Incorrect Default Page
OVF Template Deployment Error on Older Versions of VMware ESXi
OVF File Errors on Unsupported VMware ESXi Versions
SAML Error - error : String:'' does not match pattern for [xs:ID]
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