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SecureAuth Identity Platform 19.07+ appliance installation and upgrade information

This document provides installation information for SecureAuth® Identity Platform release 19.07 or later.

  • New SecureAuth Identity Platform appliance, release 19.07 or later

  • Existing Identity Platform appliance upgrade from SecureAuth IdP 9.3

Appliances referenced in this document include:

  • Windows 2019 Server

  • Windows 2016 Server

Contact SecureAuth Support for a new Identity Platform appliance running version 19.07+, or to upgrade an existing SecureAuth IdP appliance to the Identity Platform release 19.07 or later.

New Identity Platform appliance - 19.07+ installation

Windows Server 2019

See Appliance info for information.

Windows Server 2016

Use SISU to install the Identity Platform release 19.07+ on the appliance.


The base image includes the necessary Windows components and does not require additional file downloads.

Existing Identity Platform appliance - release 19.07+ upgrade

Prerequisites for upgrading to release 19.07+

.NET 4.7.2 must be installed on the Identity Platform appliance.

SecureAuth Support will take these steps to work with customers who want to upgrade their appliance to Identity Platform release 19.07+ but do not have .NET 4.7.2 installed:

  1. Be advised that before you can upgrade the appliance, you must upgrade to .NET 4.7.2.

  2. SecureAuth Support to confirm with you that the .NET version is upgraded before running the Updater tool.

  3. If the appliance does not have the correct .NET version, SecureAuth Support is available to help you upgrade to the correct .NET version.

  4. Once .NET 4.7.2 is installed, then SecureAuth Support will upgrade the SecureAuth IdP to version 19.07+.


Do not close the browser session when decrypting a realm's web.config file and migrating to release 19.07+.

Windows Server 2019

See Appliance info for information.

Windows Server 2016

Use SecureAuth Updater to upgrade the SecureAuth IdP appliance from version 9.x to 9.3.

Identity Platform release 19.07+ cloud allowed IP addresses

Amazon Cloudfront is used to route traffic to areas of the SecureAuth cloud containing New Experience Web Admin user interface assets and storage configuration.

To allow the Identity Platform to communicate with Amazon Cloudfront, you must allow outbound traffic in the IP addresses published here: These IPs are associated with the URL.

For more information, see SecureAuth cloud services.