SecureAuth User Risk settings

The SecureAuth® Identity Platform uses machine learning to track and analyze user login behavior patterns. It tracks the login patterns for a period of time to identify normal patterns, then assigns each user a personal risk score. Because the login behavior pattern and risk score is unique to each user, it prevents bad actor attempts to access your resources.

For more information about user risk score calculations, see Machine learning user risk calculations topic.

For each level of user risk (High, Medium, and Low) you can define whether the Identity Platform is to prompt MFA, skip MFA, or block access to resources.


  • Identity Platform version 19.07 or later

Adjust SecureAuth User Risk score ranges

  1. On the left side of the Identity Platform page, click Risk Providers.

  2. Click Configure.

    The configuration page to adjust the user risk thresholds appears.

  3. To adjust the risk ranges, move a slider or enter the threshold score for Medium and High risk scores.

    By default, Minimum is 0 (zero) and Maximum is 100.

  4. Save your changes.

Next steps

Open a policy and add a new User Risk rule as applicable on the Authentication Rules and Blocking Rules tab.