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Getting started for new SecureAuth administrators

Starting out with a new product can be daunting. Your company is ready to onboard the SecureAuth products to satisfy the corporate mandate to add a strong security presence. But where should you start to build knowledge and proceed with confidence?

Use this topic to get familiar with the many SecureAuth resources that can help you succeed with getting your SecureAuth products up and running while also supporting your end users.


Administrators (aka admins) are SecureAuth users with permission to access and modify settings in the SecureAuth® Identity Platform. To learn more about admin roles, see Role-based access control overview.

SecureAuth Dashboard

As an admin, when you log into the Identity Platform, a dashboard provides real-time visibility to key metrics. You gain insights into the total number of logins, with a break down of logins by system, applications, data stores, and use of multi-factor method (MFA) options. See Dashboard insights.

Where to find help

You've already found the SecureAuth Docs website, a great place to learn about SecureAuth products. Use the following resources to help you learn more about the Identity Platform and Portfolio Products, such as Login for Endpoints, Authenticate App, and RADIUS Server:

SecureAuth Support Portal

Whether you want to search for information, read up on promoted articles, submit a Support request, or view current or previously submitted tickets, you can find it all on the Support Portal.

For the best experience, create a username (your email address) and password by clicking Sign in on the upper right on the Support Portal page.

SecureAuth University

Everyone learns differently so SecureAuth University offers many ways to learn. From instructor-led training with hands-on labs to self-paced eLearning to on-site training, knowledgeable trainers are ready to help. Check out the SecureAuth Course Catalog on the SecureAuth University page for details.

Certification is available to customers who complete the certificate courses and successfully pass the exams. See Certification.

SecureAuth video tutorials

Everyone loves free stuff! SecureAuth offers 25 free on-demand learning videos for our customers with an active Identity Platform license. The videos were created by SecureAuth SMEs to get you up and running fast.

On-demand videos are available for active SecureAuth customers only. Send an email requesting access to the on-demand videos and we'll give you access quickly.

SecureAuth Community

Community brings together customers and SecureAuth SMEs who ask questions and post answers about the Identity Platform and Portfolio Products. Plus, earn fun points and badges while learning and sharing.

Community is available for SecureAuth customers only. You'll need an invitation code to register. Send an email requesting an invitation code and we'll get a code to you quickly.


The SecureAuth team is happy to help you as much or as little as you need.

SecureAuth Professional Services

Our Professional Services team is ready to assist customers with deployments, no matter how complex. After you purchase professional services, a SecureAuth Representative will contact you to begin the deployment process. If you'd like information about purchasing professional services, contact your SecureAuth Account Manager.

SecureAuth Tailoring Frontline Services

If your organization has systems that require customization, our Value-Added Modules (VAMs) are for you. VAMs are software components (like adapters or connectors) that enable you to link SecureAuth products to your system without additional development on your part. If you'd like information about purchasing Tailoring Frontline Services, contact your SecureAuth Account Manager.

SecureAuth integrations

SecureAuth Identity Platform is a frictionless integration point for dozens of integrations, such as Office 365, Salesforce, and Zendesk, to name a few. If you'd like information about accessing integrations, contact your SecureAuth Account Manager.


End users shouldn't have to be security experts to authenticate safely. The following topics can help you educate your end users so they have a smooth authentication experience.

SecureAuth Onboarding Toolkit

The toolkit contains email templates to help admins communicate the roll-out strategy, actions to be taken by end users, and expectations, along with an FAQ section. The toolkit also contains set-up instructions that show steps end users must complete to use two-factor authentication to log in. Last, the toolkit contains timeline templates to help admins create high-level timelines of the communication strategy to end users.

Architecture workflows and video

These topics are geared for new admins and curious technical end users who want to get a high-level overview of the SecureAuth architecture.

Passwordless and FIDO2 WebAuthn education for end users

If your organization is moving to passwordless authentication, your end users might be somewhat nervous about leaving their password behind. Passwordless secure login is aimed at reassuring end users that going passwordless is safe and secure.

If your organization supports using FIDO2 WebAuthn devices, your end users might need to understand How SecureAuth FIDO2 WebAuthn works.


Stay updated on all the latest and future details about SecureAuth products by using the following resources.

SecureAuth Release notes

Check out the latest release information to discover what's new, resolved issues, and known issues for the SecureAuth products.

SecureAuth Status page

Read the latest incident and maintenance updates to stay in the know about SecureAuth services, cloud services, frontend services, GitHub operations, and more. Subscribe to updates by clicking the orange Subscribe to Updates button on the top right of the status page.

SecureAuth Support lifecycle policy

View all the details about maintenance lifecycles for SecureAuth products.