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What's new

Read on to learn more about new features and improvements in the SecureAuth® Identity Platform release 23.07.

Automatically submit preferred MFA method

New policy setting that allows you to automatically send a preferred login MFA method for your end users. Or, allow the user to choose their preferred auto-submit MFA method.

For more information about the Preferred Auto-Submit Method setting in a policy, see Policy configuration - Multi-factor methods.

Register YubiKey OATH HOTP device in Self-service

We've added support for end users to provision their YubiKey OATH HOTP device on the Self-service Account Update page.

For more information about configuring the Self-service page for YubiKey HOTP provisioning, see YubiKey OATH HOTP device provisioning configuration (Self-service).

To learn more about the end user process, see Provision YubiKey OATH HOTP device (Self-service).

User verification in Help Desk

The Identity Management (IdM) tool has a user verification feature in the Help Desk. As a Help Desk person, when a user contacts the Help Desk in your organization, you can send an authentication request to validate that user.

For more information about configuring the user verification feature, see Help Desk user verification configuration.

To learn more about the end-to-end process, see Help Desk user verification process.

SecureAuth Connector groups for data store segmentation

In the Identity Platform cloud deployments, you can assign Connectors and data stores into Connector groups. Use this for peak efficiency with failovers and to segment your data stores.

To learn more about Connector groups, see Manage SecureAuth Connector groups.

Clone application in the New Experience

In the New Experience, you can clone an application and its configuration settings. This feature is available in the Application Manager and Internal Application Manager.

Multi-factor throttling updates

There is now a dedicated data store profile property field named, Multi Factor Throttle to store the number of MFA attempts for the multi-factor throttling feature.

To learn more about using this feature, see Multi-factor throttling configuration.

Other improvements and fixes

Dashboard updates

The Dashboard now has real-time visibility of product service versions deployed with your Identity Platform tenant.

More data store support in the New Experience

Added support for the following data stores in the New Experience:

  • Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS)


New theme

With the deprecation of AngularJS, we've added a new theme, SA IdP with a new look and feel to most postauth pages.

SecureAuth Connector installer updates

The SecureAuth Connector installer will check for a successful connection with the SecureAuth servers.

Split profiles

In the New Experience, we've improved the ability for applications to pull Membership information and Profile information from different data stores.

Support for "Must change password at next login"

Added support for "Must change password at next login" in Identity Platform cloud deployments for Active Directory (AD) data stores.

Requires update to SecureAuth Connector version 2.0.2 or later

Test credentials

The Test Credentials button is now available in data store integration settings for Identity Platform cloud deployments.