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Manage SecureAuth Connector groups

In the SecureAuth® Identity Platform cloud deployments, you can assign SecureAuth Connectors and data stores into Connector groups. Use this for peak efficiency with failovers and to segment your data stores.

Some technical details:

  • You can have multiple Connectors and data stores in a Connector group.

  • You can assign a Connector only to one group at a time.

  • You can assign a data store only to one group at a time.

  • When a Connector is first installed, it is not assigned to any group. You will need to assign it to a Connector group.

  • If a data store is not assigned to a Connector group, it will use all the available Connectors to reach the data store.

  • When you add or edit a data store, you can also assign a defined Connector group in the data store settings.


  • Identity Platform release 23.07 or later, cloud deployment

  • SecureAuth Connector installed and connected for Identity Platform cloud deploymentSecureAuth Connector installation


    Requires SecureAuth Connector version 2.0.2 or later. If you are upgrading to Identity Platform 23.07, be sure to update your Connector and update the outbound firewall rule to allow TCP port 5671.

  • Data store added to the Identity Platform

Add a Connector group

  1. On the left side of the Identity Platform page, click Data Stores.

  2. Select the Connectors tab.

  3. At the top right, click Manage Connector Groups.

  4. On the Connector Groups Management page, click Add a Group.

  5. Set the following configurations to create a Connector group.

    Group Name

    Enter a unique name for this Connector group.


    From the list, select the Connector for this group.


    The Connector names are derived from the machine names on which the Connectors are installed.

    Data Stores

    From the list, select the data stores for this group.

    When an authentication request comes through, it will reach this data store through the specified Connectors in this group.

  6. Save your changes.