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Migrating to the SecureAuth® Identity Platform on the cloud

Read this guidance to decide if your site is ready to migrate to the fully managed Identity Platform on the SecureAuth cloud. This information is relevant to customers working in SecureAuth IdP version 9.2 and later.

Customers using SecureAuth IdP 9.3+ will have the smoothest experience migrating to the SecureAuth cloud. Organizations using SecureAuth IdP 9.1 and earlier can upgrade to SecureAuth IdP 9.2 and then migrate to the SecureAuth cloud.


To determine whether your site is ready for migration, contact SecureAuth Support.

Cloud migration considerations

Consider the following items before you migrate:

  • Sites must install and configure the SecureAuth Connector to connect to on-prem data stores.

    See SecureAuth Connector Installation to learn more.SecureAuth Connector installation

  • Data store support: To learn more about the supported data stores in cloud deployments, see Data store integrations.Data store integrations

  • Data stores: When upgrading from SecureAuth Identity Platform 9.3 or later, sites migrating to the SecureAuth cloud do not need to re-create data stores, but must re-enter the credentials after installing the SecureAuth Connector.

  • Re-enrollment for features, such as TOTP, PIN, and other methods, is required because these values are now stored in the SecureAuth cloud; re-enrollment is required If Biometric is enabled after initial enrollment.

  • The Identity Platform on the SecureAuth cloud has its own domain name system (DNS) record that is different from the on-prem SecureAuth DNS.

  • The SecureAuth RADIUS service must be installed or migrated on a separate machine from the on-prem SecureAuth Connector.

Contact SecureAuth Support

When your site is ready to begin migration, get started by creating a support ticket and selecting I would like to upgrade or migrate to a new Identity Platform version from the "Submit a request" dropdown. A SecureAuth Project Manager will contact you and assist you with the migration.

Alternatively, you can contact Support through email or telephone at or 1-866-859-1526.