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Acceptto User Onboarding Guide

This guide is an end-to-end user experience overview of the Acceptto Passwordless Continuous Authentication™ solution. This guide walks you through the set up and testing of the following:

  • Passwordless Mobile Login – By pairing with the Acceptto It'sMe™ app

  • Passwordless Web Login – By using Push method and FIDO2 - WebAuthn, where you can use biometrics from your workstation (Windows Hello or Mac TouchID)

  • Passwordless Desktop MFA – By using Acceptto Device Trust™

  • Acceptto Federation – By using Acceptto as an IdP for SSO or integrate a third-party IdP (for example, Okta or Ping)

The diagram below illustrates the key modules in Acceptto Next Generation Authentication (NGA):

  • Establishing the root of trust for device ID and Device Trust™ for web, mobile, and workstation endpoints

  • Third-party IdP integration plugins

  • User directory agent (for example, AD Agent)

  • Acceptto Core Risk Engine (aka eGuardian®)

  • Risk analyzers powered by Smart Data Hub and AIML in charge of post-authorization anomaly detection

  • FIDO2 WebAuthn server and mobile SDKs

  • A rich set of online and offline authenticators for frictionless user experience

Diagram of key modules