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Client user interface configuration options

You can configure client user interface settings to enhance performance and the user experience.

Convert Domain\SAM-account-name logon format to UPN

If you are using the Domain\SAM-account-name logon format in the Secureauth RADIUS environment, the Security Account Manager (SAM) format must be converted to the User Principal Name (UPN) format in order for the SecureAuth RADIUS Server to accept end user logins. For example, convert acme\jsmith to

Follow these steps to convert the login format from SAM to UPN:

  1. Go to C:\idpRADIUS\bin\conf.

  2. Open the file in a text editor.


    If does not exist, then create the file and add it to C:\idpRADIUS\bin\conf.

  3. Add an entry to convert the domain, following the format: [UPN suffix]=[domain that is converted].

    For example,


  4. Save the entry.

    When the end user makes a Domain name\username entry in the user ID field, the SecureAuth RADIUS Server will automatically convert the entry to the UPN format.

Modify messages shown on client user interface during login

Customize the text that shows on the client user interface during the login process. For example, you can change the default message "Enter a time-based passcode" to "Enter TOTP".

You make these edits in the uiTextsBundle properties file.

  1. Go to C:\idpRADIUS\bin\conf.

  2. Open the file in a text editor.

  3. Choose the message you want to change and edit the text after the = sign.

    For example, to edit the "Access granted" message, change ACCESS_GRANTED=Access granted to ACCESS_GRANTED=New Message.

  4. Save your edits.