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SecureAuth Cloud Incident Response Process

Updated June 27, 2022

To report an issue with a SecureAuth service or environment, please contact the Customer Support Team at

Go to for status updates. Click Subscribe to Updates to receive updates by email for changes in the status of SecureAuth products.

When an issue is reported to or detected by SecureAuth, the following is the basic response and expectations customer should have about the incident:

  • If the issue affects more than 2 to 3 customers, periodic updates will be posted at

  • Tickets will initially be reviewed and investigated by the L1 Customer Support Team

    • L1 will immediately escalate to Customer Support L2/L3 for Mission Critical Support (MCS)

    • If L1 cannot resolve the issue promptly, it will be escalated to L2/L3

  • The L2/L3 Customer Support Team will review and work the ticket

    • For infrastructure issues, Customer Support will escalate to the L1 DevOps Support or DevOps On-Call

  • The DevOps team will investigate and troubleshoot the issue and work with other applicable teams until resolution

  • In some cases, one of the response teams might open a conference bridge/call to streamline the incident response process with the customer to help with troubleshooting, testing, etc.

  • Throughout the incident process, someone from SecureAuth will update the ticket (for 1 or 2 customers impacted) or update with current status and activities

  • Once the incident is resolved, for customer impacting incidents a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) will be created and either provided directly to the customer or posted to

Customers should use the Support Ticket with any comments or questions to the response teams.

Update frequency:

High / Critical

Every hour


Every 4 hours


Every 24 hours