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  1. Ensure the version on the mobile device and paired watch is supported by checking the SecureAuth compatibility guide.

  2. If end users will authenticate by using fingerprint recognition or facial recognition (iOS only), guide them to turn on face or fingerprint recognition on their mobile device before enrollment so that fingerprint or facial recognition works after they complete setting up the Authenticate mobile app.

    Biometric fingerprint and face (iOS) recognition require the following:

    • SecureAuth® Identity Platform release 19.07 or later

    • 2019 theme (see Setting the default theme for new realms)

    • End users who already use the Authenticate app and want to add the ability to accept biometric push notifications to use face (iOS) or fingerprint recognition must first reconnect the account for their mobile device.

    • Biometric identification configuration mode is enabled. (Authentication > Multi-Factor Methods > Authentication Apps > Configuration mode > Biometric identification > set check box)

    SecureAuth Authenticate mobile app supports the following mobile devices for fingerprint and facial recognition:

    • iOS fingerprint recognition: iPhone 5s, 6, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus

    • iOS facial recognition: iPhone X, XS, XR, XS Max

    • Android fingerprint recognition: Android 6+ - 10+

  3. Download and install the SecureAuth Authenticate app:

    iOS –

    Android –

  4. Find out which SecureAuth IdP version 9.2 or later app enrollment realm you should use to do the following:

    • App not installed: Enroll the app and provision it for multi-factor authentication use.

    • App installed: Re-enroll the app for multi-factor authentication use if you are upgrading from version 5.0.x - 19.12.xx to version 20.03.

      • If the app enrollment realm requires you to use a QR code to connect, ensure the mobile device has a working camera. If using a Chromebook, ensure it has a working webcam.

      • If the app enrollment realm requires you to enter a URL to connect, get the web address of the app enrollment realm. See Connect with URL.

  5. Follow the steps in Connect an account to your user profile.

    Push notifications must be enabled on the mobile device to see a login request on the app. Push notification enablement can be applied when the app is started or through the device's setting.