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Cloud architecture for SecureAuth® Identity Platform

The following image shows the major categories of data and services that make up the SecureAuth® Identity Platform, SecureAuth® Intelligent Identity Cloud. See below for a description of each category.

To view the hybrid architecture, see the Hybrid architecture for SecureAuth Identity Platform image.


60560157.png Users log in to a central portal, for example, A user could be an employee, customer, or partner.

60560156.png If users are not already logged in, they are redirected to a SecureAuth login page along with a request to authenticate into the portal, then sent back to the portal with a response after entering their correct user name and password. Users might authenticate from within the corporate network, externally through the company portal, or externally by using a virtual private network.

60560155.png The response transparently logs the user into the portal. The request can be through SAML, OpenID Connect federation, OAuth, WS Federation, and others.

The customer has both a portal session and a SecureAuth session that can be used to transparently authenticate to any assigned application.