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Creating a template realm

You can create a template realm to which default settings will be applied to new realms. For example, you might want to ensure that all new realms contain the 2019 theme.

This is the theme for the pre-authentication login page that displays MFA options. The theme is set on the Overview tab in the Advanced Settings.

When you create a template realm, it does not affect existing realms. For example, you have 25 existing realms (numbered 1 through 25) before creating a template realm. After creating a template realm, all new realms starting with realm number 26 and later will have the configuration settings from the template realm.


  • Identity Platform version 19.07 or later

  • If you have an appliance on-prem / hybrid (not hosted) instance, you can create a template realm

  • f you have a cloud-hosted instance, contact Support to update your web.config file

To create a template realm

  1. In the Identity Platform, configure any realm with the preferred default settings.

  2. Make a note of this realm number as your template realm.

  3. Open the API web.config file located in D:\Secureauth\Api\web.config.

  4. Add the following code, where # is the realm number of the template realm from the first step:

    <add key="RealmDirectoryToCopyOnCreate" value="SecureAuth#" />

  5. Save the web.config file.

  6. Create a new realm, and verify the configurations match the default settings from the template realm.