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SecureAuth Backup Tool Command Line Operation


This article explains how to use the SecureAuth Backup Tool from the Command-Line. Using the automation tools available in the Windows Operating System an administrator can use these commands to automate backups of a SecureAuth IdP Appliance.

Applies to

SecureAuth IdP


Command Line Options

HELP          Displays a help message.
VERSION       Displays SecureAuth Backup Tool version.
BACKUP        Start a backup operation.

-FULL         Create a complete disaster recovery archive.
-MINIMUM      Web.config, verbiage, and License.
-PASSWORD:    The password for the backup operation.

Below please find examples of issuing commands to the SecureAuth Backup Tool:

To initiate a full backup

sabackup.bat backup -full -password:TrustNo1

To obtain help using the backup tool

sabackup.bat help

To obtain the SecureAuth Backup Tool Version

sabackup.bat version