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Web proxy server configuration

Use this guide to integrate a web proxy with the SecureAuth® Identity Platform 19.07 or later.


Ensure an established proxy server is up and running.

Identity Platform configuration

These configuration settings must be completed on each realm that uses the proxy and on the Admin realm (SecureAuth0).

  1. In the Advanced Settings (formerly Classic Experience), go to the System Info tab.

  2. In the SecureAuth Cloud Services section, set the following URLs:

    In the Identity Platform versions 19.07 or later, all URLs must have https and and no longer use the /msg suffix.

    Certificate URL

    Telephony URL


    Push URL

    Link-to-Accept URL

    Phone Fraud Service URL

    Geo-Location URL

    SecureAuth Threat Service URL

    Trx Log Service URL

  3. In the Proxy Server Configuration section, set the following:

    Use Proxy Server

    Set to True.

    Proxy Server Address

    Set to the IP address of the proxy or FQDN.


    IP addresses are accepted in following formats, with multiple entries separated by a comma:

    • Specific IP address – for example,

    • CIDR notation – for example,

    • IP range – for example,

    Multiple formats can be used on same line. The following example entry is valid:,,

    Proxy Server Port

    Set the TCP port to which the web proxy server is configured to respond, for example, 8080.

    Proxy Username

    If the proxy requires authentication, provide the proxy username.

    Proxy Password

    If the proxy requires authentication, provide the proxy password.

  4. In the IP Configuration section, set the following:

    Proxy IP List

    List the proxy IP address.


    For the accepted IP address formats, see the description for the Proxy Server Address field in the previous step.

  5. Save your changes.

  6. In the Links section, click the link for the Web Config Editor.

  7. Search for two lines with wse3IP and set them to:

    <add key="wse3IP" value="False" />
    <add key="wse3IPEvaluation" value="False" />
  8. Click Save.