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Security questions global MFA settings

At the global level, configure the security questions sent to users. Users must respond to the questions to prove who they are to authenticate into a resource.

You can limit the use of this MFA method in a policy.

  1. On the left side of the Identity Platform page, click Multi-Factor Methods.

  2. Click the pencil icon for Security Questions.

    The configuration page for Security Questions appears.

  3. To enable or disable the global Security Questions multi-factor method, slide the toggle On or Off.

  4. In the Configuration mode section, set any of the following configurations.

    Configuration mode

    When the Security Questions toggle is On, it automatically enables the ability to send users security questions, to which they must correctly answer to verify their identity.

    Number of questions

    Choose the number of questions to which a user must answer to verify their identity.

  5. Click Save.

Next steps

Configure a policy to prompt users to answer security questions in the login workflow. See Policy configuration - Multi-factor methods.