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YubiKey OATH HOTP device provisioning configuration (Self-service)

Use this guide to configure a Self-service Account Update page that allows an end user to self-provision their OATH HOTP YubiKey device.

Once an OATH HOTP YubiKey device is provisioned, the end user can use a OATH HOTP YubiKey to generate a event-based one-time passcode to authenticate their log in to a resource.


  • SecureAuth® Identity Platform release 23.07 or later

  • Data store added to the Identity PlatformData store integrations

  • Configured user authentication policyManage policies

Data store configuration

The data store configuration applies only to the Identity Platform on-prem and hybrid deployments.

In the data store configuration, map the data store field attribute to the HOTP Token field.

For example, for an Active Directory data store, it could be photo or for SQL Server, it could be OATHToken.


Configure Self-service Account Update page

In the Self-service Account Update page configuration, set the OATH OTP Devices field to Show Enabled. You'll need this setting so that end users can view, add, and assign a YubiKey OATH HOTP device on the Self-service page.

If you do not have a Self-service Account Update page set up, see Self-service Account Update page configuration.Self-service Account Update page configuration


In the Internal Application Manager, the 3rd Party App Integrations > YubiKey Provisioning application is reserved for Yubico OTP provisioning.

Otherwise, to quickly get to this configuration, do the following:

  1. In the Internal Application Manager, edit the Self-service Account Update page.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Go to Advanced Settings to finish the configuration for this application link.

  3. in the Identity Management section, click the Configure self service page link.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and set the OATH OTP Devices field to Show Enabled.

    The OATH OTP Devices field is used to display the YubiKey OATH HOTP information on the Self-service page.


    The purpose of the YubiKey field is for Yubico OTP.

  5. Save your changes.

Next steps

After you've configured the Self-service page and enabled the YubiKey OATH HOTP field, there are some more configurations to bring it all together.

Turn on YubiKey global setting in the Identity Platform

Turn on and configure the YubiKey global MFA settings. Select the OATH HOTP check box and set the passcode length.


Enable YubiKey OATH HOTP for MFA in policy

In the authentication policy on the Mult-Factor Methods tab, select the OATH HOTP check box for YubiKey.


Program YubiKeys to generate HOTP passcodes

As an administrator, you must program YubiKey devices to generate HMAC-based one-time passcodes (HOTP) before you give them to your end users.

See Program YubiKeys to generate OATH HOTP passcodes

End user instructions for YubiKey HOTP device provisioning

As an administrator, when you give the OATH HOTP YubiKey device to your end users, provide them with the following:

  • Link to the Self-service page that has the OTP Devices field enabled, so they can self-provision the HOTP YubiKey.

  • Device ID and secret key values for the HOTP YubiKey.

  • End user instructions about how to provision a HOTP YubiKey on the Self-service page. See Provision YubiKey OATH HOTP device (Self-service).