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Creating a template realm

You can create a template realm to which default settings will be applied to new realms. For example, you might want to ensure that all new realms contain the 2019 theme.

When you create a template realm, it does not affect existing realms. For example, you have 25 existing realms (numbered 1 through 25) before creating a template realm. After creating a template realm, all new realms starting with realm number 26 and later will have the configuration settings from the template realm.


  • Identity Platform version 19.07 or later

  • If you have an appliance on-prem / hybrid (not hosted) instance, you can create a template realm

  • f you have a cloud-hosted instance, contact Support to update your web.config file

To create a template realm

  1. In the Identity Platform, configure any realm with the preferred default settings.

  2. Make a note of this realm number as your template realm.

  3. Open the API web.config file located in D:\Secureauth\Api\web.config.

  4. Add the following code, where # is the realm number of the template realm from the first step:

    <add key="RealmDirectoryToCopyOnCreate" value="SecureAuth#" />

  5. Save the web.config file.

  6. Create a new realm, and verify the configurations match the default settings from the template realm.