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Upgrade SecureAuth RADIUS Server

Upgrading is a natural path forward in software development and the SecureAuth RADIUS Server is no different. Over time, the SecureAuth RADIUS server has added additional functionality, fixes, and other updates. Use the following steps to upgrade your SecureAuth RADIUS Server.

For optimum performance in a large organization, consider installing or upgrading SecureAuth RADIUS separately from the Identity Platform server.

Before you apply any upgrades, take a snapshot of the server in the rare case that a rollback is necessary.

If you have any questions, contact SecureAuth Support.

Upgrade steps

  1. Go to the directory where your SecureAuth RADIUS server is installed and make a backup of your file.

    Typically, this is in C:\Program Files\SecureAuth Corporation\SecureAuth IdP RADIUS agent\bin\conf\

  2. Download the latest version of the SecureAuth RADIUS installer package from the SecureAuth Product Downloads page.

  3. Once downloaded, right click the executable and select Properties.

    In the lower right corner, if you see the Unblock check box, select it, and click Apply to unblock the installer.

  4. Run the installer.

    It will detect the current version and do an in place upgrade.

  5. Optional. If you are upgrading from SecureAuth RADIUS version 2.0.x - 20.06.xx, the latest SecureAuth RADIUS version is installed in C:\Program Files\SecureAuth Corporation\SecureAuth IdP RADIUS Agent by default. To migrate SecureAuth RADIUS to a different directory, do the following:

    1. Export all configurations.

    2. Uninstall SecureAuth RADIUS.

    3. Install the latest version of SecureAuth RADIUS and select the new installation folder.

    4. Use the SecureAuth RADIUS import tools to import the configuration settings.


If you encounter issues post RADIUS upgrade, refer to the KB article: RADIUS 20.12.07 not working after upgrade. If this does not resolve your issue, contact SecureAuth Support.


  • SecureAuth RADIUS version 1.0.x configuration data is not retained or used by SecureAuth RADIUS version 20.12.

  • The SecureAuth RADIUS version 20.12 or later installer will not overwrite the "SecureAuthRadiusService2" Windows service since the SecureAuth RADIUS version 2.4 or earlier Windows service uses the service name "secureauthRadius".