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Critical product update: Microsoft to retire Azure AD Graph API

October 17, 2022

SecureAuth customer announcement in Zendesk: Critical update for SecureAuth IdP Customers leveraging Azure AD as a data store

Recap of customer announcement

Microsoft plans to retire Azure AD Graph API on June 30, 2023, in favor of Microsoft Graph API.

This impacts all applications configured in the Classic Experience that use the Azure AD data store. They will no longer function after June 30, 2023 unless you take appropriate upgrade actions.

This applies to all SecureAuth® Identity Platform releases up to 21.04.

If you are on the Identity Platform release 22.02 or later and have Azure AD configured in the New Experience, no action is needed from you.


Check back often for any updates and refer to the latest date of this topic at the top.

What do I need to do?

Contact Support

The Support team will need to analyze your current MFA configurations to determine the next steps.

Upgrade to release 22.02 or later

To continue using the Azure AD data store in your applications, it requires an upgrade to Identity Platform release 22.02 or later.

Add Azure AD in the New Experience

After upgrading to Identity Platform release 22.02 or later, add the Azure AD data store in the New Experience. See the following configuration topics:

Migrate Classic Experience applications to the New Experience

Migrate your applications in the Classic Experience to the New Experience.