The following lists hotfixes for the Identity Platform release 21.04.

21.04 hotfixes

Release No.

Release Date

Ref ID

Issue / Description




Password Throttling API Response Message – Added additional clarification to password throttling AP response message.


Error Handling Improvement – Added additional logic to better manage errors that occur when using the API OTP validate endpoint.

Install this hotfix if you have:

  • Authentication API enabled


Data Store Connection Issue – Addressed an issue causing intermittent problems in the Identity Platform when the connected data store is slow or unreliable.


Adaptive Endpoint Issue – Resolved an issue causing the endpoint to incorrectly prompt for 2FA for users in an allowed group.


Content and Localization Issue – Addressed issue where edits in the verbiage editor did not show up on the Logout.aspx page.


Performance Issue Update – Enhancement to an earlier hotfix for this issue.  Better exception handling to improve system performance during login and enrollment workflows.


AD LDS Account Unlocking Issue – Addressed an issue causing the Identity Platform to incorrectly see accounts locked that had been previously unlocked by (AD LDS).

Install this hotfix if you have:

  • AD LDS data store integration


A fallback xml attribute for the lockout duration was added to the web.config. Contact Support for more information.


Login Delay Issue – Resolved an issue resulting in potential delays for the login page when using IWA or Transparent SSO.

Install this hotfix if you have:

  • IWA workflow

  • Transparent SSO workflow


IPv6 Address Handling Improvement – Enhanced ability to better manage IPv6 addresses.


Default MFA Delivery Options Improvement – Added logic so that the first MFA option on the list is always selected by default.


OpenID Connect Scopes Issue – Resolved an issue with OpenID scope values not rendering correctly for OIDC Authorizations.

Install this hotfix if you have:

  • OIDC / OAuth2 integrations


OIDC Issue – Added logic to better handle login prompts.

Install this hotfix if you have:

  • OIDC / OAuth2 integrations


RBAC Issue – Resolved a known issue with intermittent issues affecting RBAC configurations on initial deployment of the Identity Platform.


QR Enrollment Support – Added the ability to support third party application enrollment in the New Experience user interface.