Application template library

Application templates are third-party application integrations that SecureAuth Identity Platform supports in cloud and hybrid deployments.

Authenticate App for iOS and Android

Provides a multi-factor authentication method for end user validation during the login process after the app is installed on a mobile device or Chromebook and then connected to the user profile.

Dashboard in SecureAuth® Identity Platform

Intelligence dashboard provides real time visibility to key metrics, insights into total number of logins, and a break down of logins by system, applications, data stores, and use of multi-factor method options.

Login for Endpoints, Windows and Mac

Adds SecureAuth’s multi-factor authentication to the Windows and Mac desktop and remote server login experience after the application is installed.

Passcode App for Windows and Mac

A Windows and Mac desktop application that generates one-time passcodes (OTPs) to use for validation during the login process.

Role-based access control (RBAC)

Enables flexible visibility into appliance configurations. Use RBAC to define roles in the appliance settings and restrict who has access and ability to change configurations. (Available in hybrid and on-prem only.)

SecureAuth cloud services

SecureAuth cloud uses IP addresses to provide services to SecureAuth® Identity Platform, end user browsers, and mobile devices registered to provide multi-factor authentication methods.

SecureAuth® Identity Platform

Newer release of the SecureAuth product (release 19.07 and later) with a new UI and available as an on-prem, hybrid, or cloud deployment solution.

SecureAuth IdP

Classic version of the SecureAuth product (release 9.3 and earlier) with a Web Admin UI available only as an on-prem solution.

SecureAuth® RADIUS Server

Configure two-factor authentication login access to VPN and remote resources through RADIUS.