Search tips

Here's an overview of basic tips and useful tricks to use when searching the SecureAuth Docs website:

  • Product name: Select a product namebefore typing a search term. You'll get results for the selected product name only. Don't see expected results? The feature might be available in a different release. Example: FIDO2 WebAuthn is supported in the Identity Platform release 20.06, but not in release 19.07.

  • Docs home page: When you first start the Docs home page it shows the latest release of the base product. To see info for a different product name and release number, click the picker to select the product you want. Your document search results will filter the topics for the selected product name only.

  • Quickly switch between product releases: Want to see the same topic but in a different product release? Change the release number in the address bar.

    Example: You’re looking at but realize you want to look at the 21.04 release.

    Change “2202” to “2104” in the address bar and reload the page. Remember not to add a period (2202, not 22.02).

  • Search in results:

    Use CTRL-F to search a long list of results for the info you want.

  • Auto fill: Type a partial word and the results will show the closest match. Results too broad? Add another letter to hone the results.

  • Fuzzy search: We use fuzzy search. This means if you enter a typo, you'll still see results that match. Example: "athn" yields results for webauthn. Slim down the search more by not adding words like a, and, the, of, etc.

  • Contextual results: Search results are returned in context under main section headings, such as Getting Started and API Documents. The context can help you focus on the kind of info you need.

  • Breadcrumb: In any topic, look at the breadcrumb at the top of the page to view the product release.

  • SecureAuth IdP Classic docs: Looking for documents from the 9.3 era or earlier? Under the search field, click "SecureAuth IdP Classic docs" to be routed appropriately.

  • SecureAuth company website: Click in the banner, upper right to open the SecureAuth company website in a new tab.

  • Community website: Click Community in the banner, upper right to open the SecureAuth Community page in a new tab.

  • Technical Support website: Click Support in the banner, upper right to open the SecureAuth Support page in a new tab.

  • Link to subject of interest: Under the banner, several buttons link to subjects of interest, such as Release Notes, Getting Started, and API Documents, to name a few. Click one to open the navigation and then select the topic of interest.

  • Got feedback?: We'd love to hear your suggestions. Click the feedback link at the bottom of any page to provide comments. And thank you for caring about the docs!