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Configure SecureAuth RADIUS

After installing SecureAuth RADIUS, use the admin console to configure the SecureAuth RADIUS Server and RADIUS Client, and optionally configure any SecureAuth® Identity Platform realm to be used with SecureAuth RADIUS.


These instructions apply to SecureAuth RADIUS server version 20.12.xx. For prior versions, see documentation for previous SecureAuth RADIUS Server versions.


The following is an outline of the process to set up the SecureAuth RADIUS Server with the Identity Platform.

Task A: Access SecureAuth RADIUS admin console

Access the SecureAuth RADIUS Server admin console at http://localhost:8088/configuration. The user interface is restricted to local machine access by default.

Use the SecureAuth RADIUS admin console to configure settings for the SecureAuth RADIUS Server and the RADIUS Client.

Task B: Configure SecureAuth RADIUS settings

Configure the SecureAuth RADIUS Server settings to set up the communication between SecureAuth RADIUS Server and the RADIUS Client.

See Configure SecureAuth RADIUS settings.

You can export your SecureAuth RADIUS settings configuration to back up the configuration or simplify creating new SecureAuth RADIUS Servers.

See Export or import the SecureAuth RADIUS configuration

Task C: Add IdP realm

Add information for configured Identity Platform realms to enable use with SecureAuth RADIUS.

See Add IdP realms.

Task D: Configure RADIUS Client settings

Add information for the RADIUS Client to enable use with SecureAuth RADIUS.

See Configure RADIUS Clients settings.