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Login for Linux release notes

Version 22.06

Release date: August 2, 2022

Compatibility: SecureAuth® Identity Platform release 21.04 or later.

What's new
  • New properties in the installer configuration. A new property is available to use in the installer config.json file.

    Note: This new property will be available in a later update to the Identity Platform on the Login for Endpoints installer UI. As a workaround, you can manually add this new property to the installer config.json file.

    • User bypass. This new configuration property, user_bypass allows you to define a local username to bypass multi-factor authentication (MFA).

    For more information about the installer configuration properties, see Configure Identity Platform and Login for Endpoints.

Improvements and fixes
  • CP-1296 – When a user logs in locally on a workstation with a validated password that does not match their password stored in their organization's domain data store, the login screen will prompt the user for their domain password before MFA.

    Note: This issue is resolved only in the Identity Platform release 21.04 and requires at minimum, hotfix 21.04-9.

  • CP-1298 – New installer configuration property, user_bypass to define a local username to bypass MFA.

What's new

Login for Linux is the newest member of the SecureAuth endpoints products.

Login for Linux protects remote Secure Socket Shell (SSH) or local logins so end users running on Unix and Linux can authenticate securely. SecureAuth has certified compatibility with Debian, Ubuntu, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating systems.

See the Login for Linux configuration guide for all the details.

All of these features are supported only in the SecureAuth® Identity Platform release 21.04 or later.

  • New integrated Login for Endpoint configuration page in Identity Platform. Open the new Login for Endpoint page from the Identity Platform user interface to customize your Login for Endpoints user experience. The easy-to-use pages help you set up your operating system, the multi-factor methods, and even personalize your users' experience during authentication. (Existing customers will recognize the options that were manually set in the config.json file in previous releases.)

    To learn more, see Configure Identity Platform and Login for Endpoints

  • New second-factor authentication methods added. You can now choose the following new 2FA methods: PIN and link-to-accept available for both SMS/text and email.