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Announcement for Acceptto customers

We are excited to launch our next-gen product, Arculix by SecureAuth. The Acceptto product that you use today has simply been rebranded with the Arculix name and colors – there are no functionality changes to the product. To learn more about the new Arculix names, see Rebranded terms from Acceptto to Arculix.

We will work with our customers to determine a timeline to move to Arculix. We have a robust roadmap for Arculix in the upcoming weeks and months, so you’ll benefit from many enhancements.

For the mobile app, It’sMe has become Arculix Mobile. The current It’sMe app and the new Arculix Mobile app will continue to work with your version of Acceptto. If mobile apps are allowed to auto update, we suggest you inform your end users of the name change. Links to the latest mobile application can be found below.

Please listen to this 6-minute recording from Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, CTO of SecureAuth, that provides an overview about the launch and how it will affect your organization.

RecordingHow the Arculix Launch Affects Acceptto Customers

Thank you for your continued support as our valued customer and we look forward to delivering the latest innovation to make your organization as secure as possible.

To answer any questions you might have about the rebranding of Acceptto to Arculix, see Acceptto to Arculix rebranding FAQ.