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Arculix AD FS plugin release notes

Release notes for Arculix Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) plugin.

Version 2.0.0

Release date: November 29, 2022

Improvements and fixes

  • Added support for reliable operation in an AD FS server farm cluster.

  • Set a useful User-Agent header on outbound HTTP calls.

  • Improved logging, including prefixing all log entries with the AD FS Activity ID when available.

  • Included the AD FS Activity ID in the Arculix audit log under context > http_header_params > ad_fs_activity_id. This helps correlate Arculix AD FS plugin log entries with Arculix authentications.

  • When the ArculixUserIdentifierAttribute is userPrincipalName, bypass the directory user lookup, since it is not needed.

  • Improved configuration names and defaults. Added support to configure all settings during silent (command line) installation.

  • Rebranded the plugin from “Acceptto” to “Arculix”.

  • Simplified the authentication flow to be a simple redirect to Arculix, avoiding the need to use external JavaScript libraries in the plugin.

  • Added support for user attributes without domain names (such as sAMAccountName) by providing the ArculixUserIdentifierDomain setting.

  • Added an output claim for the Arculix level of assurance (LOA) score so it can be consumed downstream.